I’m trying to think of clever things to say, but all I can think of is how happy I am to finally be doing these pages.  I can’t help it.

Drawing: I’m also glad I got to bring Mara and Connor back at least one more time before this comic ends.  Mara is actually one of my favorite characters I’ve written, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure this is the only page we’ll ever actually hear her speak (for now, anyway).  And this is the first time I’ve drawn her in 15 months.

Interesting bit of trivia…when I originally wrote Mara, I pictured her as being in her mid- to late-20′s, or maybe even early 30′s.  But when I drew her for this page, she ended up looking closer to 17.  I actually kinda like that change.  I’m gonna stick to it.  It makes sense, after all…Farore has been known to choose particularly young Champions.