And here we are, episode #300, and thanks for another set of artwork from Micah McNully!  Be sure to check out his comics by clicking on his name in this commentary!

So, Link is finding himself enjoying his time recovering in Kakariko Village…will he be able to leave this behind to continue his quest?  Or at the very least, will this convince him to fight the dragon?

Now, Micah would like to leave a bit of commentary on this episode here, so…
“Andore wouldn’t let me add any of the cool things that I wanted to add. For instance, I wanted to put Navi in a couple of the scenes (like off in the distance). In the campfire scene, I wanted to draw the creepy moon from Majora’s Mask. Again, Andore wouldn’t let me do it. I did get to sneak a couple of random things into the panels. EASTER EGGS!! WHOO!”  –Micah

Wow, it seems Micah really didn’t like it when I told him to stick to the script.  May I remind you, Mr. McNully, that I let you completely change what panels 5 and 7 would look like in the finished product?  Not to mention allowing a cameo from two of your Dragon City characters in panel 3?  (Yes, everyone, that’s Sam and Rachel.)  And several changes to panel 1?

Oh well.  All this aside (and included), it’s still an awesome special, like the two before it.  Hopefully he won’t take his line in panel 9 too seriously.

Episode #301, with 100% sprites, will be here on Tuesday…I’m taking the weekend off before continuing the chapter.  Enjoy the special, everyone!